* www.Highlandnewsroomforum.com Limited registered in Scotland (UK) United Kingdom Number 533 703. Limited Private Company.

*Membership Liability would be to the cost of £1.00 contribution in the event from any closure should he/she or other members be in the event take upon decision to retire for cash payment from the Limited Private Company  debts and libilities before he/she becomes no longer to be registered member.

* Members would make appropriate contributions be liable to meet all expenses inclusive from any cash payment costs, bank interest, charges and others.

*Limited Private Company would have the appointee individual Director and would be entitled to make further appointee Directors if required and be requested by members.

*Directors business meeting be by given public notice to authorise appointee Company Site Administrator indicate -

*Confirmed date and time of the business meeting.

* To be required and be requested to confirm for the appropriate number of days agreed for to propose announced date for the business meeting.

* Quorum number of Directors would be more than two.

* General Meeting will be for the appropriate formal forum discussion and for the decision making process for to make further appointee Company Directors and to enable Members to make further appointee Company Site Administrators.

*Those Present Company Directors for the Business and for the General Meeting agreed by full majority vote would appoint a Director for who would be the Chair Person to be in the presence of its audience of its Membership.

*Should in the event there was no appointee Chair Person to attend for the Business and General Meeting within the given enough limited time prior to arrival appropriate for ten to fifteen minutes. From the others Directors present such individual Director may be appointed to be the Chair Person.

* In the event from the present Forum discussion resolution and put on the table motions are to be proportionate equal the present Chair Person in front of its Membership would have the extra final majority vote.

*Conflict of Interest should from the appointee Limited Private Company Director and from further appointee Directors when in the event from such matter arise from present and proposed transaction or arrangement as for to get involved and to participate with interest he, she would not be taken any further part in the decision making process.

*As the Private LImited Company present Online Document Files, Emails and Coresspondence mailings would be recorded as part of present data for the limited time period from more than the ten years.

*Any person who would be considered to become as the Company Director would be given he or she the appointment to become the Company Director.

*In the future and from being at present where the announcement prompt the death any Company Director  where for the Company would have no membership. It would be for the remainder Company Director to begin for formal decision making process for new appointed Company Director and for any further Company Directors.

*For the termination for the Limited Private Company appointee Company Directors would come for he or she if in the future or at present he or she would recieve or be sent bankruptcy order.

* From the creditors from who would be not satisfied that he, she did not meet any of the cash payments that were to be paid promptly by settlement to its payee.

*From the Medical Practioner or Doctor he or she has given in writing by email or coresspondence mailing statement that the appointee Company Director or Director  became mental and phyisical in ability to continue with the appiontment and remain so from more than 3 months.

*Private Limited appointee Company Directors and appointee Office Online Site Administrators would be responsible to provide and promote appropriate Commercial not for profit activities and services.

*Private Limited Company Director and Directors included to appointee Office Online Site Administrators would be entitled to be recieved or be sent for he, she, their Cash Payment for work -

*Commercial not for profit business services and from activity fund raising from formal social enterprise.

* Would be from included by arrangement from the accepted acknowledgement cash payment allowance, gratuity, from death, sickness, ill health and disability benefits to or in respect to the appointee Company Director or Directors and Office Online Site Administrator or Administrators.

*Private Limited Company would be liable to make cash payment liable to the appointee Company Director or Company Directors and would be included to appointee Office Online Site Administrators properly as the payee be paid to attend -

*Appropriate flexible by arrangement with themselves to be at any time for to be present at Meetngs with the Private Limited Company Director or to be with Further Company Directors.

* Appointment for those meetings to meet with present holders of debentures from who have been issued by the Private Limited Company acknowledge that it had borrowed and be accepted a loan cash payment from which the interest would be added on is still being paid.

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